Esign Policy

Consent to Electronic Delivery

Neu Money, Inc. is doing business as “Neu”. You are applying for a Neu Card. If you consent to this Consent Statement for this Program, it applies even if you do not obtain (or are not offered) a Neu Card.

You have the right to receive legal disclosures, notices, and communications (together, the “Covered Items”) in paper form by mail. We may instead provide these Covered Items to you electronically if you give us your Consent to do so and satisfy the System Requirements below.

For purposes of this Consent Statement, the Covered Items include all servicing and collection communications on your account, as well as all legal disclosures, notices and communications that Neu Money is required to provide in writing regarding the account.

In this Consent Statement, “we,” “us,” and “our” refer to: (1) Cross River Bank, the creditor of Neu Money, (2) the servicer of Neu Money credit cards, and (3) their service providers.

Duration of Consent

Your Consent will remain effective until:

  • you or we have terminated the Program or your Card, or
  • you opt-out of electronic communications.

If you terminate your Card, your Consent will continue with respect to the pre-termination rights of Neu Money (including rights created by your Consent to this Consent Statement). See your cardholder agreement for information on how to terminate your Card or contact customer service at

Methods of Providing Covered Items

In this document, “provide” means to deliver, make available, send, notify or similar term. We may provide the Covered Items electronically through our mobile app or through files, including those in PDF format, downloaded from our website and/or our mobile app. It is your responsibility to review the Covered Items promptly, so you can take appropriate action.

Access to Paper Copies

You may make copies of the Covered Items by using the “print” or “save” functionality of the application in which you are viewing the Covered Items (e.g. Web browser, Adobe®️ Reader®️ software). We retain copies of the Covered Items for the time periods required by law and will provide you with copies upon request within those time periods. We do not necessarily retain copies for longer than is required by law. Save or print copies of Covered Items to ensure you have them when needed.

You may request a paper copy at no cost of any Covered Item by calling us at 1-844-638-3425 or emailing us at

Our Right to Send Paper

We reserve the right to provide the Covered Items in paper form at all times at our discretion even if you have given us Consent to provide it electronically.

System Requirements

In order to access and retain the Covered Items, you must have a computing or communications device with:

  • a working Internet access,
  • a Web browser that supports 128-bit encryption,
  • 16 MB of available memory (32 MB of RAM recommended), and
  • a program that can view, save and print PDF files.

By providing us your Consent, you confirm you meet all of the above System Requirements.

Withdrawing Consent

You are free to withdraw Your Consent at any time and at no charge to you. If you do withdraw Your Consent prior to the approval of your application, this will prevent you from receiving credit from us over the Internet or via our mobile app. If at any time you wish to withdraw Your Consent, you may do this by emailing us at If you decide to withdraw Your Consent, the legal effectiveness, validity and/or enforceability of any prior electronic Disclosures will not be affected.

Acknowledging Ability to Access and Consenting to Electronic Communications

By confirming that you have read and agreed to these terms, you are confirming that:

  • you have access to a computer system that meets the requirements set forth above,
  • you agree to receive Covered Items electronically, and,
  • you are able to access and print or store information presented to you.

This is not a deposit product. Neu Card made by Cross River Bank, Member FDIC.